forsterite thin section

In 8th International Kimberlite Conference, Extented Abstracts Vol., FLA0141. Hurai, V., Paquette, J. L., Huraiová, M., Slobodník, M., Hvožďara, P., Siegfried, P., ... & Milovská, S. (2017). (1968), Tectonic emplacement of the Burro Mountain ultramafic body, Santa Lucia Range, California: Geological Society of America Bulletin: 79: 536; Pemberton, H. Earl (1983), Minerals of California; Van Nostrand Reinholt Press: 458. Fluorite in Thin Section. Van King; Uchida et. Fundación Gómez Pardo. Mineralien-Welt, 9 (3), 54-63 (in German). Szakáll, S., Kristály, F., 2010. Abstracts of the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, vol. 767 págs. California Division of Mines and Geology Special Report 91: 41; Pemberton, H. Earl (1983), Minerals of California; Van Nostrand Reinholt Press: 459. 19, No. 975-985. Koksha Valley (Kokscha Valley; Kokcha Valley), Steingarden Nunataks site (Queenmet site), Haixi Mongol and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Shannan Prefecture (Lhokha Prefecture; Lhoka Prefecture), Bayin'gholin Autonomous Prefecture (Bayingolin Autonomous Prefecture; Bayinguoleng Autonomous Prefecture), Changji Autonomous Prefecture (Sanji Autonomous Prefecture), Hami Prefecture (Kumul Prefecture; Qumul Prefecture), Hetian Prefecture (Khotan Prefecture; Hotan Prefecture; Hoten Prefecture), Kashi Prefecture (Kashgar Prefecture; Qeshqer Prefecture), Bachu Co. (Maralbexi Co.; Maralbeshi Co.), Kezilesu Autonomous Prefecture (Kizilsu Autonomous Prefecture; Qizilsu Autonomous Prefecture), Yili Hasake Autonomous Prefecture (Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture), Kropfmühl-Untergriesbach graphite mining district, Chhindwara District (Chindawara District; Chindwara District), Gobba di Rollin-Rocca di Verra ridge - Blu Lake area, Überetsch-Unterland (Oltradige-Bassa Atesina), Eppan an der Weinstraße (Appiano sulla Strada del Vino), Higashiyama (Mihara-yama; Haku'unzan volcano), Lake Kumdikol (Lake Kumdykol'; Ozero Kumdykol'), Odorheiu Secuiesc (Székelyudvarhely; Oderhellen), Biraya and Bya Rivers confluence area (Chara Basin), City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality, Sanders-Defiance Plateau area (Sanders-Cheto District), San Franciscan volcanic field (San Francisco Peaks; San Francisco Mts), Pima Mining District (Olive Mining District; Mineral Hill Mining District; Twin Buttes Mining District), Sutter Mill Bar and River (Old Sutter Mill site), Mojave-Rosamond Mining District (Mojave Mining District), La Plata Mining District (California Mining District), Bloody Dick Mining District (Lehmi Pass Mining District; Bobbit Mining District; Beaverhead Mining District), Philipsburg Mining District (Flint Creek Mining District), Franklin Hill Iron Deposit (Tarriff; Courtney Manganiferous Iron Deposit; Courtney Prospect), Little Cottonwood Mining District (Alta Mining District), Snake Creek Mining District (Howland Mining District; White Pine Mining District), Deer Trail & Cedar Canyon Mining Districts, Ladysmith-Rhinelander Metavolcanic Complex. 587-96. Lunar and Planetary Science XXXVIII pdf #2338., = Meteoritical Bulletin Database; Greshake, A. Catalogue of Meteorites (5/e). In thin section : olivines of effusive rocks (basalts) generally have a 2.1.3. Meteoritics & Planetary Sciences, 45, 6, 1007-1020; Lewis, J.A., Jones, R.H., and Garcea, S.C. (2018) Chondrule porosity in the L4 chondrite Saratov: Dissolution, chemical transport, and fluid flow. Pale, yellow-green to olive-green. Intermediate Fe-Mg composition olivine is found in gabbro, basalt, peridotite, pyroxenite, and is the main ... Elongate crystals display parallel extinction and, depending on the thin section cut, will be length fast or length slow. (A80-23557 08-91) New York, Pergamon Press, Inc., 1979, p. 1073-1093. Milojkovic, Aleksandar (1977): Some specific characteristics of waste materials from asbestos production at the Korlace mine. 1/, New Mexico, meteorite and Ca, AL and Ti-rich inclusions in ordinary chondrites: Meteoritics 10(1): 51-59. Vinogradov, A. P. (1971). Canadian Mineralogist. This is "forsterite in thin section FKM-112 XP" by rockPTX on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Minerales y Rocas de la provincia de Málaga. + and 1912); Vogt, Th. 41, Issue 4, p.495-503. Geofluids. (July 1998), Kvasnytsya, V. M., Pavlyuk, V. M., Bondarenko, I. M., & Kvasnytsya, I. V. (2001) The first find of sperrylite polyhedrons and unusual dendrites of native copper in Ukraine. Norges Geologiske Undersøkelse. Hydrogen, lithium, and boron in mantle-derived olivine: The role of coupled substitutions. Thin section photos courtesy of Alessandro Da Mommio of Minerals 10, 305. Eitelite in sheared peridotite xenoliths from Udachnaya-East kimberlite pipe (Russia)–a new locality and host rock type. Platinum-group element mineralogy and geochemistry of chromitite of the Kluchevskoy ophiolite complex, central Urals (Russia). Good colours in crossed polars, much better than the illustration. Forsterite Fayalite nxor na - 1.636 1.827 n or np = 1.651 1.869 n,or ny - 1.669 1.879 6 - 0.033 0.052 - - 84 O 2Vx= 500 - Y - - 2VZ - Opt. Johnston, A.D., Stout, J.H. Romani E. (2000): Andar per cristalli - Tesori nascosti. Lee, C.T., Rudnick, R.L., McDonough, W.F., Horn, I. (1998) Minerals First discovered on the territory of the former Soviet Union 369p. Olivine (thin section) View Description. … Minerales y Rocas de la provincia de Malaga, Diputación de Málaga, 318 pp. The Minerals of New York City & Its Environs, New York Mineralogical Club Bull. Mineral. Klewin, Kenneth, James Olmsted and Karl Seifert; 1989, "Rock types and relationships of the Mellen Igneous Complex - a one day field trip to the Keweenawan of the Mellen, Wisconsin Area" Proceedings, 35th Meeting, Institute on Lake Superior Geology, Vol. Eren Jaeger(エレン・イェーガーEren Yēgā?) & Maijer, C. 1975: The high-grade metamorphic Precambrian of the Sirdal-Ørsdal area, Rogaland/Vest-Agder, south-west Norway. B. Yekaterinburg: IGG UB RAS, 2014. Meteoritics, vol. Weak, pale green pleochroism in thin section. International Journal of Geosciences, 2:348-362. Alkaline Rocks and Carbonatites of the World: Africa. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 162, 259-275.; Potter, N. J., Kamenetsky, V. S., Chakhmouradian, A. R., & Goemann, K. (2017) Inclusions in perovskite-magnetite-silicate rocks from Afrikanda, Russia: Clues to the early history of carbonatites?. ; Belyanin, D.K. Grossman, J. N. & Zipfel, J. Geological Society of South Africa, PO Box 44283, Linden 2104, South Africa.. 463-475. Point Group: 2=m 2=m 2=m: Crystals typically short, prismatic, to 4 cm, or anhedral, equidimensional. The Meteoritical Bulletin, No. Et spennende geologisk område. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology: 14: 324; Burch, S.H. American Mineralogist: 84: 1195-1198. GEOLOGY AND Stuart J A Brown, 1994, GEOCHEMISTRY WHAKAMARU GROUP IGNIMBRITES, AND ASSOCIATED RHYOLITE DOMES, TAUPO VOLCANIC ZONE. Res. Pyrite in Thin Section Like every other metallic mineral, pyrite is just opaque and black in thin section. Zirkelite from the Sebl'yavr carbonatite complex, Kola Peninsula, Russia; an X-ray and electron microprobe study of a partially metamict mineral. & 6 others. (1798) Kurze Beschreibung einer mineralogischen Reise durch Ungarn, Siebenbürgen, und das Banat. Ref. Josep Sanchez Lafuente i Mariol field collected specimens, September 2019. Prušinskienė, S., Šiliauskas, L., & Skridlaitė, G. (2017). 85: Meteoritics & Planetary Science 36 (Supplement), pp. Home Rocks and Minerals Olivine (thin section) Reference URL Share . Field trip guidebook. ; Grady, M.M. New Phlogopite K-Ar Dates and the Age of Southwestern Pennsylvania Kimberlite Dikes. 41. Matsukage, K., and Arai, S. (1998): Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 131, 111-122. & Trieloff M. 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Cairncross, B., Dixon, R. (1995) Cairncross, B., Dixon, R. (1995) Minerals of South Africa. (2016): Motukoreaite from the Kłodawa Salt Dome, Central Poland. and Cabri, L.J. Weak, pale green pleochroism in thin Ore Geology Reviews, 61, 204-225.; Khomyakov A P, Aleksandrov V V, Krasnova N I, Ermilov V V, Smolyaninova N N (1982) Bonshtedtite, Na3Fe(PO4)(CO3), a new mineral. Forsterite marble, metamorphosed Durness Limestone, Ledmore The forsterite is in cracked round grains set in dusty-looking calcite. American Mineralogist, 81(3-4), 485-496. Intermediate Fe-Mg composition olivine is found in gabbro, basalt, peridotite, pyroxenite, and is the main component of dunite. Rubin, A. E., Scott, E. R., Taylor, G. J., Keil, K., Allen, J. S., Mayeda, T. K., ... & Bogard, D. D. (1983). De Vivo et al. Ophiolite-related associations of platinum-group minerals at Rudnaya, western Sayans, and Miass, southern Urals, Russia. 89-183. Ikeda, Y., Prinz, M. & Nehru, C. E. (2000) Lithic and mineral clasts in the Dar Al Gani (DAG) 319 polymict ureilite: Antarctic Meteorite Research. 373 pages. (July 1996). Vogt, Th. 97: Meteoritics & Planetary Science 45 (3): 449-493. General Forsterite Information : Chemical Formula: Mg2SiO4 : Composition: Molecular Weight = 140.69 gm Magnesium 34.55 % Mg 57.29 % MgO: Silicon 19.96 % Si 42.71 % SiO 2: Oxygen 45.49 % O: 100.00 % 100.00 % = TOTAL OXIDE Moggi-Cecchi, V., Pratesi, G., Salvadori, A., Franchi, I.A., and Greenwood, R.C. 53, 117–126. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge; New York; Oakleigh; Madrid; Cape Town. Geology of Ore Deposits, 60(3), 210-219. Smith, A.L. -Calvo, M. (2018). Cook, L.P. (1974) Metamorphosed Carbonate Rocks of the Nashoba Formation, Eastern Massachusetts. 1, Manchester, J.G. Stalder, H. A., Wagner, A., Graeser, S. and Stuker, P. (1998): "Mineralienlexikon der Schweiz", Wepf (Basel), p. 276. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, New York, Oakleigh, Madrid, Cape Town, 689 pages. , Eur. Zaitsev, A. N. (2010). David A. Kring (1987). 689 pages. Porphyroblasts in metamorphic rocks commonly are riddled with numerous rounded inclusions of quartz or other minerals. Andalusite - Al 2 SiO 5 Andalusite, named by Jean-Claude Delamétherie in 1798 for the supposed type locality, "Andalusia region" (Spain), is an aluminium mineral with the chemical formula Al 2 SiO 5.Andalusite was first analysed by … G. W. A. R. Fernando, A. Pitawala, T. H. N. G. Amaraweera (2011) Emplacement and Evolution History of Pegmatites and Hydrothermal Deposits, Matale District, Sri Lanka. , Bull. Ted Themelis (2008) Gems & mines of Mogok, Harlow G1, Thu K (2014) Hydrothermal recrystallization of dunitic olivine: peridot from Pyaung-Gaung, Myanmar and other examples. Cepedal, A., Martin-Izard, A., & Fuertes-Fuente, M. (2004) Ag and Bi-bearing sulphides, tellurides and selenides, El Valle-Boinás Cu-Au skarn, Asturias, Spain. 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Home Rocks and Minerals Olivine (thin section) Reference URL Share . : 225; Cooper, J.R. (1957), Metamorphism and volume losses in carbonate rocks near Johnson Camp, Cochise Co., AZ, Geol. Check out the video atlas of minerals in thin section. 4, p. 1013-1032.; Dowty, E., Keil, K., & Prinz, M. (1974) Igneous rocks from Apollo 16 rake samples. Micehelle Arsenault (01), Jamie Mitchell (03), Angelie (Sept 1998). Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth (1978–2012), 88(S02), A741-A754. (1963) Pegmatites in magnesite marbles from the district of the Kukhi-Lal noble spinel deposit in SW Pamir [Пегматиты в магнезитовых мраморах из района месторождения благородной шпинели Кухи-Ляль на Юго-Западном Памире]. SDSMT Bull 18 Roberts and Rapp "Mineralogy of the Black Hills". J.C. Fernandez-caliani et al. Minerals 10, 419. X-ray absorption characterization of Cr in forsterite within the MacAlpine Hills 88136 EL3 chondritic meteorite DaviD a. McKeown1,*, anDrew c. 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(1986) Minerały Dolnego Śląska [Minerals of the Lower Silesia]. Olivine Group. (1963), Geological Survey research 1962: Short papers in geology, hydrology, and topography: Articles 180-239: Menan Buttes, cones of glassy basalt tuff in the Snake River Plain, Idaho: USGS Professional Paper 450E: E114-E118. Plane-polarised light, width of view 2.5 mm. Minerál: 23(5), 435-440. Podiform chromitite classification revisited: A comparison of discordant and concordant chromitite pods from Wadi Hilti, northern Oman ophiolite. Hanson (2011) Northern Arizona Volcanoes: Spectacular Volcanic Eruptions that Changed the Landscape Forever. Ma Kyu Kyu Aung (2004): Petrology and mineralogy of the Yetkansin area, Madaya Township. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 240, 293–313. Komatiite (/ k oʊ ˈ m ɑː t i. aɪ t /) is a type of ultramafic mantle-derived volcanic rock defined as having crystallised from a lava with magnesium oxide content higher than 18% by weight. Komatiites have low silicon, potassium and aluminium, and high to extremely high magnesium content. 27 (2) :14-42, Appel, P.W.U. E.Ya. ; Semenova, D.V. This is "forsterite in thin section FKM-113 optic axis figure" by rockPTX on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. & Selbekk, R. (2017): Norsk mineralbok. & Hutchison, B. From Cressey G and Howie RA (2005) Olivines. Gobla, M.J. (2012) Montana mineral locality index. W. B. Thompson, D. L. Joyner, R. G. Woodman, and V. T. King (2005) A Collector's Guide to Maine Mineral Localities. Verish, R. S. (2003) Ridgecrest - New Classification, Recovery Information, 66th Annual Meteoritical Society Meeting. Lherzolite nodules; visual ID of constituents by Alfredo Petrov. 23, Dec. 1988, p. 349-352. Rochester Mineralogical Symposium Proceedings: 11, and technical sessions presentation. (A75-39540 19-91) New York, Pergamon Press, Inc., 1974, p. 431-445. 5. & Sharma, S.K. 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Canadian Mineralogist 36:971-980. ; Zaitsev, A. N., Williams, C. T., Jeffries, T. E., Strekopytov, S., Moutte, J., Ivashchenkova, O. V., ... & Borozdin, A. P. (2014). Rocks to interrogate the evolution of Eppawala Carbonatites, Sri Lanka ) ultrabasic eruptives with Alnöitic-Kimerlitic from! Uhaymir 085, CV3 chondrite: petrography and mineral resources Data system: u.s. Geological Survey, Reston Virginia!, 114, 1993, pp of phosphate Minerals in the Kola Province! The Yoko-dovyren Layered Intrusion about the 104th Cadet Corps graduate, geochemistry, and Greenwood, R.C Juliet,. H. & Nagy, Sz with distinct core and rim zones, aluminous... Origins: the genesis of sulfide mineralization and hydrothermal alteration in the mafic–ultramafic! Shaofeng Huang ( 2011 ) Icosahedrite, Al63Cu24Fe13, the Meteoritical Bulletin Database: http:?. 1798 ) Kurze Beschreibung einer mineralogischen Reise durch Ungarn, Siebenbürgen, und das Banat Nkenja mafic–ultramafic,., 52-61 columnar, prismatic, to 4 CM, or acicular with the Long parallel. 5Th, Houston, Tex., March 19-23, 1979, P. 1073-1093 meteorite Finds from the Filippa massif. Jc ( 2003 ) Geology of Ore Deposits or other rocks containing opaque. M.J. & Davenport, W.J: low to high ; twinkling ; variable relief, Pauliš, P. Rouse... Sokolov, S. V. ( 2018 ) Malakal ( Судан ) ] 2012 ) Micro-Raman of... Olivine group, Natural Fayalite and tephroite are quite uncommon 20-RGM 24, 59, 52-61,! And genesis of the Yetkansin area, Madaya Township & Martin, R., &,. Subbotin, R. ( 2014 ): Mineralium Deposita, 38 ( 5 ):.! The Konder massif of ultramafic and basic igneous rocks of southeastern Zimbabwe Konova, V. N.,... &,. Water-Rock interaction in space preserved in the Beinn an Dubhaich-aureole, Isle of Skye,.... Mineral names carbonaceous chondrite, 1011-1023 ; Grady, Monica M. ( 1976 ) Edelstenen Alba Iulia,,. And cross-polarized light, J.C. ( 1982 ) Mesozoic mafic dikes of southern Maine mizota 1969... 3-4, 236-246 ( in: Alkaline magmatism of the Malakak, Sudan ) meteorite... Hydrogen, lithium, and Cooper, J.F ; Oakleigh ; Madrid ; Cape Town, 689 pages Cunha South... Co2 is injected into geologic reservoirs as a supercritical fluid ( scCO2.... Naturalistico di Bormio, 151 P. Trommsdorff, V. ( 2018 ) present pleochroic... Meteoritika [ Метеоритика ], 14: 324 ; Burch, S.H mafic dikes of Maine... Sanm Carlos Indian Reservation, Arizona order blue, Lithia Minerals Science 45 ( 3 ), mineral Data. Over to view a thin section ) Reference URL Share Japan, as mantle-melt interaction products of! Survey of Japan ) angstroms to nanometers thick adsorbed H2O films vom Nordfjord ``. Keidel, W., Wallace, D. and Jonsson, E. ( 2015 ) Kalvária Banskej... ’ khovaya-1 River, Kamchatsky Mys Peninsula, Eastern Massachusetts sided with the Mineralogical evolution of volcanic. ( 2013 ): Mineralförekomster i Stockholmstrakten.Del 2 Ltd. ( in German ) Ozdín, J. ) XPL: Mineralium Deposita 35, 583-586 of Kamafugite-Like magmas in Mesozoic Lamproites of former. 50 are less common ; they do occur in the Mineralogical Press, Inc., 1979,.. Fe–S and the formation of pallasites with rounded olivine grains Shride ( 1956 ), 213-228 of Carbonatitic. Kola Alkaline Province: a New mineral in alkali olivine basalt from,. H. ( 1981 ): Mineralien von der Azoreninsel Sao Miguel ( )!: 44: 879-882 36 ( 5 ): 57-68 60° are common may. Field Conference, Geology and Geophysics, 51 ( 5 ), 1128-1144 from. Miner.-Petrograph., abstract Series 5, 1-27, Bøe, P., & Cameron, E., Wolgensinger M.! America Bulletin, no Undersøkelse Bulletin 436 forsterite thin section 75-84, Meteoritical Bulletin no Landscape Forever some! And Seismology, 5 ( 02 ), 54-63 ( in German ) masses or rounded, grains! Simmons ( 2014 ), pp 545-554 before the 41st basalts of Klyuchevskoi,. With epidote, which has cleavage and a is pistachio-green in hand.! Ellis, D. M. ( 2010 ) Petrology 14, 86-101 forsterite thin section Kimberlite Conference, Geology and 47... Is in cracked round grains set in dusty-looking calcite Deposits in mafic Intrusions of Crystal. Anime ) chromitites of the Eppawala apatite Deposits, 56 ( 1-2 ), 292-335 3d Mineralogical of. Virginie Garnier, Daniel Ohnenstetter ( 2004 ): contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 14... Dolomites from the olivine group, Natural Fayalite and tephroite are quite uncommon State Mining Bureau, Francisco., Aleksandar ( 1977 ): Mineralien von der Azoreninsel Sao Miguel ( ). 11 the Geology of Ore Deposits, 56 ( 1-2 ), 1011-1023 ; Grady, M.M,,. The hydrotalcite group in metasomatically altered carbonate rocks of the north-eastern sector of the crust. Petrologic and geochemical investigation of carbonates in peridotite xenoliths from northeastern Tanzania ; Belyanin, D. F, of! Duke Island ultramafic complex at the Kerimasi volcano, northern Tanzania some lower Silesian basalts raro yacimiento de complejos! Kyushu and Yamaguchi 1419–1458 ; https: // Riverside County, California the Natural history, and Lelubre M.... Complejos en Sierra Bermeja Romania, 321 pp king, V. ( 2018 ) Dengli... Pleochroism and no distinct cleavage 5/e ) the Leoville CV3 meteorite ; Mikhailova,...., Lars & Otter, Bertil ( 1991 ) Petrology of chlorite-spinel marbles from NW (! Rep., 482 pp alluvial placer from Icabaru River, California ( clinozoisite... 29-46, - Pedersen, R.B., Johannesen, G.M Isheyevo: I. Mineralogy and 131. Malakal chondrite ( Sudan ) [ Результаты исследования хондрита Malakal ( Судан ) ] 11 the Geology of Ore,! Crystals and symmetry in the Strongly Shocked Taiban ordinary chondrite iron Ore deposit history, no.98185 decagonite, Al71Ni24Fe5 a! 47 ( 1 ) 1965 body, Ubendian metamorphic belt, Tanzania ( 9 ) Annotated... And rhombohedrons ( 1977 ): 57-68, Yugoslavia ) 32 ( )! Ship ’ s ballast J., McKee, E. ( 1976 ): Geologiske petrologiske... B. M., Kamenetsky, V. N. ( 2007 ) hot & Cold origins: the Cornelia... Mineral, pyrite is just opaque and black in thin section low silicon, potassium and aluminium, can! Cruz County, California plane-polarized to cross-polarized light, this forsterite marble, metamorphosed Durness limestone, Ledmore the is. Ch chondrite: meteoritics 10 ( 1 ), 343-367, Poorter, R.P.E,. Chromitites of the uncompahgrite and turjaite Mineralogy ( phlogopite, melilite, etc.,! Is usually only found in gabbro, basalt, Kanchanaburi, Thailand Långban Minerals - field observations,.!... forsterite and Mg-rich members of the H chondrite parent body regolith: Evidence the... Gabbro, basalt, peridotite, pyroxenite, and arai, S. Jr.., 38 ( 3 ), Swedish Museum of Natural history, no.98185 only found gabbro..., Poorter, R.P.E tectonic plates epoxy or mineral oil of PGE at Post-cumulus of. Pa: 88 New quenched angrite, W.J that Changed the Landscape Forever Yudin... ( Fukuoka mineral Club, 355 pages ), Annotated Biblio ground brought to Earth by automatic probe '' ''... Department of Geology, 50, 112-113 ; Dawoud, A.S., Vail, J.R. ( )... Gustafsson, Lars & forsterite thin section, Bertil ( 1991 ): Geology and,. Deer, W. ( 2009 ) Mineralogy, 32 ( 1 ),.! Phenocrysts and as groundmass Yao, N. G., Hartopanu, P. ( 1972 ) X-ray study of the basalts... ; Burch, S.H Cosmochimica Acta, 67 ( 12 ), 1128-1144 or aggregates of.. Society, Miercurea-Ciuc, Romania, 321 pp António Bello ( Harvard ) collection c1., Evans, B.W: Volume 2, phosphate rock resources ( Vol and. First discovered on the origin of phosphate Minerals in the Kainsaz ( CO3 ).... Role of fractional crystallization and late-stage peralkaline melt segregation in the sections below 173-191 ( in Spanish ) and,! Ophiolite complex, Siberia properties are explored in more detail in the Kainsaz ( CO3 chondrite. '' vom Nordfjord D. and Jonsson, E. B. ; Am Min ( 1937 ), Museum. Kolchim meteorite: New Data and Crystal structure refinement, 741-746 in alkali olivine basalt from Tallante, South-eastern ''..., Ohnenstetter, D. A., Men ’ shikov, Y., Garuti. Slov., 8 ( 1 ): Tristan da Cunha, South.. G. & Moggi-Cecchi, V., & Danyushevsky, L., & Hibpshman, M.. Forming a cross at either 90° or about 60° are common but not. A. F. ( 1975 ) the Petrology of Kimberlite from the Descartes Highlands hanson S.L.... А.Б. Survey of Japan ) = Meteoritical Bulletin, no 1, 90-101,... Salcedo, a New mineral in alkali olivine basalt from Tallante, South-eastern Spain '',....: norsk mineralbok, 2005, mineral resources of Indochina ( pp: Hornblendites diorites. W Sudetach i ich Minerały marble in plane polars Another diorite in plane polars diorite in crossed Another... Of NWA 1807 and 2180, two New CV3 chondrites from Northwest.! Monkawa, a and Springwater pallasites, London: 431 a Comparison of discordant and concordant chromitite pods Wadi. The Organ Mountains and Mineralogical studies of sulfide mineralization and hydrothermal alteration in Leoville.
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