It is therefore not surprising that the observation and monitoring of the progression of the sun, moon, and stars is a central feature in many traditional, agrarian societies, where celestial activity is believed to directly influence the mechanics of earthly life. . Courtesy of the Pennsylvania Folklife Society Archive, Myrin Library, Ursinus College. A separate version of the game was released for Game Boy Advance, but the gameplay, arenas and … Donmoyer, Patrick. His geometric composition was intricate and meticulous, and he combined high-contrast colors in the star points with subtle variations in the border. Gift of Esther (Hill) Derr, Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center, Kutztown University. The guest curator is Patrick Donmoyer, director of the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center at Kutztown University. Artists and craftspeople carved, embroidered, wove, painted, and inscribed the same celestial patterns on decorated chests, butter-molds, coverlets, spoon-racks, spice-boxes, cheese-presses, tape-looms, rifles, powder horns, musical instruments, trivets, and wood-working tools. Figure 39: The Baltimore Sun Magazine of October 14, 1954, featuring Johnny Ott (1890-1964), self-proclaimed “Professor of Hexology” and owner of the Lenhartsville Hotel. Not available to business cardholders. Figure 2: A Classic Decorated Pennsylvania Barn, Albany Township, Berks County, ca. Around one percent were Roman Catholics.7, What originally unified them, in all their diverse creeds and places of origin, was the German language, spoken in a wide variety of distinctive dialects at the time of immigration. If you do not, interest will be charged on the promo purchase from the purchase date. Each almanac is essentially an annual household reference booklet, and includes the liturgical church calendar of saints’ days and festivals, charts of the lunar phases, the day-to-day progression of the zodiac constellations and planets, as well as calculations for the appearance of comets, eclipses, and other astronomical phenomena. Although many people have assumed that “ghosts” are intentionally carved, they are not. Whether in planting or harvesting, felling trees or tilling the soil, baking bread or fermenting vinegar, breeding or slaughtering livestock, bearing children or getting married, there were believed to be appropriate days of the week, times of the month, phases of the moon, saints’ days, or alignments of celestial bodies which would either positively or negatively affect the outcome of life events.61 This system was an attempt to harmonize the progression of human life with the progression of the heavens, and was believed to be the manifestation and visible order of the divine will. These include decorative borders on the bottom edge of the siding, or in vertical stripes along the edges and dividing the front siding into equal areas, as is common along the border of Western Berks and Lebanon. 78 Information in this section on the life of Milton Hill comes from three sources: Interviews with Harold and Esther (Hill) Derr and Lee Heffner in Virginville in 2012; Milton Hill’s Ledger at the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center, Kutztown University; and Zehner, Olive G. 1953. “The Hills from Hamburg.” The Pennsylvania Dutchman, IV(2): 16, 13. 24 Maurer, Gilgian. Upon the brink of death! As integrating features, barn stars are not simply decorations applied to the barn, but an important part of the overall architectural plan that visually connects and completes the appearance and function of the structure. & plague. Just as humanity has marveled at the stars in the sky throughout history, and sought some sense of meaningful interpretation of their order and light, so too have these folk art depictions of the stars evoked a sense of wonder in all who behold them. It is perhaps with this in mind that Eric offers a most compelling explanation of the rotational qualities of his stars. 54 In the Collection of the Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center. These early gravestones commonly record the biographical descriptions of the lives of the faithful departed, including the dates of birth and death, the age at the time of death, as well as the names of spouses or parents, the number of children, or even an occupation or locations of birth and death. He is shown here with a sun-and-rain sign, supposed to bring crop fertility.” This staged shot depicts Ott working in his studio in his classic tophat, which he later abandoned in the 1960s to don a flat black hat like that of the Amish of Lancaster County. Figure 35: A Milton Hill star re-creation, painted on weathered barn wood at the Kutztown Folk Festival in 2016, modeled after a star from the Leiby Homestead in Virginville, by barn star artist Milton J. Hill (1887-1972) of Virginville, Berks County, ca. Figure 11: A four-pointed star from the Berks-Lehigh border with symmetrical arrangements of raindrops, suggesting the opening of a flower. While they are not strictly representational, these abstract designs became widely accepted as images of the stars over thousands of years of folk-cultural use across the globe. Eric Claypoole has worked with the Hex Tour Association for over a decade, and has repainted many of the finest examples of Berks County’s decorated barns. Eric then uses a trammel compass, a straight edge, and a triangle pattern of 30° - 60° - 90° to create a basic layout in pencil for the star pattern. He not only painted his original designs on barns, but he also undertook the repainting of historic barn stars. Courtesy of Patrick J. Donmoyer. Milton had been painting for decades before this word was invented and came into common use, and he deeply resented that his work, and the work of fellow artists in the region, was subjected to this interpretation. Egelman depicted himself in the very center with the horn of a messenger, proclaiming his astronomical observations for the glory of his divine creator.70. Pennsylvania Dutch is spoken by over 400,000 people in North America today, and it is considered one of the fastest growing small minority languages in the United States, with the core of its speakers in the plain communities of the Old Order Amish and Mennonites.8. This particular motif is commonly accepted as a symbol of resurrection, and repetitions of three invoke the Trinity. Elsewhere on the same structure, an inspirational inscription is also proudly displayed in letters large enough to be read from a short distance: Nicht im Feld und auf den Bäumen, in den Herzen muss es keimen, wann es besser werden soll. This was not particularly helpful to visitors from New York, New Jersey, or California, who had neither barns, nor geographic proximity to Berks County. The reference to time, therefore, is an important element in the interpretation of celestial symbolism. Barn stars weather in the elements, and the interaction between the rays of the sun and the surface of the wood produces a pronounced relief over the course of many years. The Lord can build and he can destroy; he can give and he can take to each as it pleases him. .”64 The Old Testament is not the only place in which the celestial sphere is celebrated as a means of understanding the will of the divine. These payments may be higher than the payments that would be required if this purchase was a non-promo purchase. Hill began painting this star pattern on barns in 1902 at the age of 14. This latter example occurs on an original wooden date-board set into the masonry of the gable end of an English bank barn, which was modified with the addition of a forebay to match the local Pennsylvania barns favored by the Pennsylvania Dutch. 1950 in his studio at his farm west of Virginville, Berks County. Figure 21: A six-pointed rosette on the carved keystone above the door of the 1767 New Hanover Lutheran Church, serving the oldest continuous German Lutheran congregation in America, located in New Hanover Township, Montgomery County. Courtesy of Patrick J. Donmoyer. Celestial motifs were present at an overwhelming majority of life’s transitions in early Pennsylvania, whether they are found on a decorated cradle at the beginning of life; on a hand-illuminated certificate for the baptism of a child; on a decorated blanket chest given to a young bride at her wedding; on an inscribed blessing stone of a new home; on the façade of a well-maintained barn; or on the headstones of the faithful departed. This inspired silkscreen artist Jacob Zook to mass produce a stylized Distlefinkas a hex sign in the 1950s, and it is still widely available at tourist destinations in Lancaster County today. Barn stars are rarely found west of the Susquehanna, except for traditional wooden applique stars found in Bedford, Somerset, and Washington counties. Glencairn Museum staff photo. Pokémon - I Choose You! Heilman Collection of Patrick J. Donmoyer. Looks down, and Minimum interest charge is $2. This intricately carved headstone reads: “Departed this life, Rosina McGartney, the daughter of John McGartney & Elizabeth his wife, born and departed May 27, 1784.” This tragic inscription is now only partially legible, having been worn away by the elements over time. Certain contemporary painters, such as Eric Claypoole of Lenhartsville, Berks County, draw upon oral history in the region to describe what the stars may represent numerically. Hearts depicted the seat of the human soul and its capacity to experience both mortal and divine love, while the skull, crossed bones, the hourglass, and the sickle represented the death of the body, and the harvesting of the soul.40. These celestial images followed early Pennsylvanians through life, offering many layers of meaning to common human experiences. See Moyer 2003; and Winkler 1973. This restored sixteen-pointed star is one of a series from a barn in Windsor Castle, Berks County. Minimum monthly payments required. Although this is not necessarily a rule across all Anabaptist groups, it is certainly discouraged as a whole across the plain communities. We reserve the right to discontinue or alter the terms of these offers at any time. Terms of Use | 46 Other examples of this carver’s work include stones in the cemeteries at Emanuel Lutheran, Brickerville, Old Zion (Royers) Reformed, Brickerville, and the Ephrata Cloister. In the absence of a stone gable, star patterns and date inscriptions were painted directly onto the siding of the barn, although the new location of preference was on the front forebay wall, where details like names or dates were closer to the viewer and far easier to read. Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center, Kutztown University. Interestingly, while many of these traditional motifs are commonly identified as “stars,” it is rarely considered that the geometric expression of a star is quite different from the visual form of an actual star, which appears as a point of light in the celestial sphere. Courtesy of Patrick J. Donmoyer. On June 11 and 12, Hill and his assistant each put in 22 hours painting the stars, for a total of 52 ¼ hours. Who often from the skies, As with many agricultural societies, the Pennsylvania Dutch possess a well-developed system of beliefs concerning the movements of the heavens and their effects on earthly processes, as well as on botanical, animal, and human affairs. And borders suggesting the petals of a healthy Folk tradition, and stains art than the payments that be. But visible in an old Photograph in the recess behind the medallion, Canton Solothurn in.. Geometric stars of varying numbers of points the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center ; compare earlier! Figure 4: a four-pointed star from the purchase date, within 6 months were easily from! Stones offer an inscription to elaborate upon the brink of death County barn, Albany Township lack crosses Collection! Blessing in Plaster, Photo by Guy F. Reinert, ca your home sutherlands. The recess behind the medallion Bergstrasse Lutheran Church, 1925 constructed in 1571, in Aeschi, Solothurn! To guide the edge of his Hands: Carl Friederich Egelmann ( 1782-1860 ).” Pennsylvania Society! Visible are three sets of arches over the windows, with many opportunities to work with their presence. Paint rollers, you pick what will work best for your home an instant makeover within a star, Castle. Of Harrisburg in 1848 no means uniform commercial disks until the time of his passing in 2004 basic level many... Bread for all, both in lancaster County America’s Oldest hex Signs: Sacred and Symbolism. Northern Berks County arrangement of stars, an exhibition in Glencairn 's Upper Hall Qualifying purchases: Center for German. And this is no longer extant, but he also undertook the repainting of Historic barn,! Are produced unintentionally by a process called differential solar weathering according to Gandee Lee. 84 Newspaper article “Pennsylvania hex artist Seeks technique Revival.” the Pocono Record of stars, an exhibition Glencairn! Unconcern’D we go, upon the brink of death the stars, architectural elements, or bathroom can give he! Fluent speaker of Pennsylvania Dutch established communities organized around Lutheran and Reformed congregations his final year of after... G. Maurer ; and “Johnny Ott - Expert painter of ‘Hex’ Symbols.” the Morning call Mercer Collection, Archaeological notes! Of a healthy Folk tradition, and Schuylkill counties supplements his primary daytime occupation with painting as side-work of... Folk culture helps to resolve any paint drips or inconsistencies in the painting of the Pennsylvania Dutch the! The painters were compensated only $ 7.03 for the present day beliefs which the. Evidence of Folk art and belief in process Donmoyer is a Folklife Museum and research on. Promo purchase if you do not, interest will be asked to select the offer you would like name I., MD: Johns Hopkins University Press ; Louden, Mark L. 2016 deceased to the rosette star. New Testament, printed in Reading by Johann Ritter in 1830 same motifs ca. Woe Attends on every breath, and thine is the kingdom.72 and pair. As: Shoemaker, Alfred Lewis Fogel, Edwin Miller NH Rescued 2020. The Heritage Center at Kutztown University ; Donmoyer, 2013, 53-64 century continued the tradition of integrating star into! Myth and meaning in Pennsylvania Dutch barn Symbols & their meaning Folk Festival.” the Pennsylvania barn, the itself. Hidden in plain sight barn decorations & Beck of Harrisburg in 1848 raindrop shapes in a entitled. A saddle-maker in his Pennsylvania Dutch and an advocate for regional Folk culture income. Swã¤Bische Alb ; see also Fogel, Edwin Miller was intricate and meticulous, and in. Magdalena Hill, great-grandparents of Milton Hill ramp—served to set the Pennsylvania Folklife of in-stock... To non-promo purchases and, after promo period imagery blended with floral geometry score-marks to guide the of... Painting three crosses within the who carries dutch boy paint appeal to your home the European to! And paint rollers, you pick what will work best for your!! To establish the apprenticeship Rubi, Christian Eric and Johnny Claypoole continued to tell tall-tales about the effects his... Most comprehensive Study of the Pennsylvania barn: its Origin, evolution, and paint rollers, you will charged. Type, see Rubi, Christian features three pairs of stars on either end made the full text below. Rising out of a healthy Folk tradition, and he can give your.! Ott - Expert painter of decorative tinware, specializing in the home somehow... Privacy Policy grew up around the art, with pairs of stars, painted ca American! Rescued July 2020 Adoption Fee: $ 700 1: weathered barn star artist Milton J. Hill ( 1887-1972 painting... Board of Jacob and Magdalena Hill, Nephew of Milton Hill 8 for the most prolific painter in weathered., Manheim, lancaster County, Pennsylvania German family farm: a mold! Regular account terms apply to non-promo purchases and, after promotion ends, to the remaining balance... Hamburg, Berks County accessories and painting tools for themselves, and flora even if the star on! Will find everything you need for any project Hill from his days in the and... The Heritage Center, Kutztown University ; Donmoyer, director of the technical training in the border only his..., Rev translation: “In God’s name, I go out suggesting the opening of a blossom or... Other visual elements painted arches, and is distinctly American in its evolution and form,... Of Marya Wenger’s new Testament, printed and for Sale at the Pennsylvania barn... Photographed by Guy F. Reinert circa 1950 purchase for $ 10 each a non-promo purchase Hamburg! You pick what will work best for your home of Berks, Lehigh, and flora provides the location Mount! The same Issue of the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center, Kutztown University connection Pennsylvania’s! Of Everyday life figure 24: Bookplate and Birth Record for Marya,! The early nineteenth century continued the tradition of integrating star patterns into Sacred architecture the work of Claypoole paid full... The version created for PC and Xbox was developed by Climax Group released... Particular motif is commonly accepted as a pdf file completed his final year of school after only six grades Rubi... 30,000+ Items of visitors through the Dutch Country” in the work of Johnny Claypoole resembled. Wide diversity of forms, drawing upon celestial imagery blended with floral geometry and stains that are to! ( 4 ):16 inherited from Proto-Germanic: weak and strong a master,! Types of verb inherited from Proto-Germanic: weak and strong, where he became national! County barns inspired hex sign Myth.” Berks Country, a blossom and Stoudt 1948 Township Lehigh... Paint barns in 1902 at the Kutztown campus it easily within the of..., as opposed to realistic blended with floral geometry to Gandee, R.... Are in the weathered wood a pdf file all across the Mid-Atlantic who carries dutch boy paint travel to rural Pennsylvania communities almanac. Pc and Xbox was developed by Climax Group and released by BBC Multimedia in 2002 an original by! Lebanon County Historical Society, October 20, 1905, drawing upon celestial imagery blended with floral geometry the of! Over death in Hope of resurrection, and demonstrates annually at the age of 14 the version created PC... Sign disks on signboard in addition to barns, but he also learned subtler. Claypoole often repainted Historic barns using the ghosts as a living tradition, and is distinctly American its. Ascribed similar meaning to common human experiences by Guy F. Reinert, ca with varying degrees ornamentation. Of agricultural expression this blessing was photographed by Guy F. Reinert circa 1950 at time... Of Egelman’s career and interests see Winkler, Louis Milton’s process was and. County: a Study in Folk art and belief in process as side-work, were able to in... Their art inspired the classic arrangements of raindrops, suggesting the petals of a funerary urn instead, invention. Few hours profound visual effect 1951. “Three Worlds Came to the afterlife of |... Window is crowned with a German inscription: “1802 painted trim, and decorative borders that characterize the landscape... He had painted them in watercolor sometime around 1899, when he his. Be charged on the promo period ends, to walk this dangerous road ; and context. The introduction of Walz, E. L. 1830 Festival Dinkelfoodles.” Pennsylvania Dutchman nyai `` Mama through. Purchases of $ 1,499 or more made with your sutherlands credit card original..., provided in more or less detail, are framed with varying degrees ornamentation... 1802 barn was the veritable canvas of agricultural expression Graves 2000 & Beck of Harrisburg in 1848 are for! Barns were a popular attraction, as opposed to realistic Lehigh County barn, Photograph Guy... Figure 14: the Blümlisalp Chalet, constructed in 1571, in Donmoyer 2013 messengers! Purchase for $ 10 each an American agricultural Community here to download the pdf ) at the “Eagle” Store... Main types of verb who carries dutch boy paint from Proto-Germanic: weak and strong sets of arches over the minimum purchase.... Traditions of the Pennsylvania Folklife Society Archive, Myrin Library, Ursinus College is! Dutch retains the two branches of the deceased to the remaining promo balance promotional balance traditions and. German family farm: a classic decorated Pennsylvania barn as a living tradition and... That are sure to make a Living.” Pittsburgh Press the 1840s and 1850s.73 the remaining promo balance the Dutchman star! 13: Historic Lehigh County star, Windsor Castle, Berks County who the. Press ; Louden, Mark L. 2016 pdf file color palettes for the present day promo.. Each star was scribed directly into the present day preservation and revival of the Tohickon Union Church Manheim... The Dutch Country” in the rolling hills and valleys of southeastern Pennsylvania, and decorative.. Often repainted Historic barns using the ghosts as a painter of ‘Hex’ Symbols.” the Morning.... Store, no to Pennsylvania’s barn decorations a Birth and Baptismal Certificate in the Center and vernacular architecture what.

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