He continues that her parents, the Queens of Duren, carried themselves with great dignity. She replies that she has had to survive adults trying to usurp her throne, coups, conspiracies, and assassinations. Soren asks him what's in the basket and wonders if it's a bigger moth. Available to download. Soren tells him that he's a Crown Guard and the leaders should at least know what's going on. The elves will be at the height of their power and no defense will stand against them. Soren asks him what's going on and he tells them that they have unwanted visitors from Xadia. Viren is utterly dogmatic in his protection of humanity, to the extent of wishing to see all Xadia destroyed once and for all, even committing treason. He tells her that he tried to unite the five kingdoms against Xadia, but the Council was more concerned with him having broken a few rules. Viren asks if he has indeed. Viren appears inside Callum's illusion of the past, showing how he fought Tiadrin and Lain of the Dragonguard, but was convinced by Tiadrin to spare the egg. Soren watches as he whispers to the Aaravos caterpillar and draws up alongside him. Later, as Harrow gets suited up for battle, he approaches him with a basket. Viren is present in a nightmare of Rayla, where he has encased her parents, Tiadrin and Lain, and Runaan in ice pillars. Opeli tells him that a funeral so soon is madness, that it is tradition to mourn fallen kings for seven sunsets. He tells Viren to tell him what he needs and he will help him. Viren picks it up. She replies that it matters not while they have no king and their only priority is finding the princes. The Archdragon gave chase, and launched a bolt of lightning at the pair, knocking them off their horse and flying away after believing he had killed them. Viren enters a dark room and locks the door from the inside. Harrow turns away and sits, face in his hand. It was then that Viren offered an alternative: using a dark magic spell that would allow both kingdoms to be warm and fertile enough for the crops to flourish. Viren shouts that he can destroy them all, that he has all the power he needs. She tells him it means that she has something. An insect crawls out of the elf's mouth. The staff he has also enhances his magical ability, making his spells more powerful. Viren continues that they've set up a secret base near the edge of the cliffs and orders Soren to lead an attack against them. Far into the horizon flew the Dragon King Avizandium, dubbed Thunder by the humans. She tells him that she speaks for herself and her people. Defiant, Harrow charged at Avizandum while Viren used his magic to keep the dragon from attacking. Determined to save the Dragon Prince at any cost, the friends brace for a fiery showdown with Viren -- who still has a few surprises up his sleeve. His reflection disappears from inside. King Harrow asks him why he's returned with the "abomination" if he really has. Viren asks just who he is. Viren clenches his fist, languishing in a dungeon. On the march to Xadia, Viren reveals how Avizandum, the Dragon King, met his end. He declares that they are standing there betraying humanity. He tells them that everything he does and asks of them is for the future of humanity. He starts to ask about them now being Xadia but then gets off on a digression about them calling it something like "New Katolis," irritating Viren. His daughter finally succeeded where he could not, and brought him the horn of a unicorn. She snips that his clothes are awfully nice for a humble servant. He tells her there's no need to paint a picture. he suggests as he walks off. She tells him that she does doubt his intentions and that while she will return, his children will not lead the rescue. He suggests that she return to The Border where she's needed most. Just then, Kasef approaches Viren with the news that the Breach has been destroyed, a major problem, as that leaves their armies stranded on the human side. He sees fire and death raining down, which will soon spread to all of the Human Kingdoms. Soren asks for clarification and for him to say it again. He orders Soren to grab Callum. At some point in Viren's life, he had married a woman from Del Bar and fathered Soren and Claudia. He calls the elves' arrogance predictable and uses the sun staff to blast those that try to charge them. Evil-doer He captured something he hoped they could use later, Sarai's dying breath. Meanwhile, he'll dispatch a party of their best to seek the princes. Harrow asks how the scout could have escaped and Viren admits that he doesn't know, but it was muddy, wet, and dark. He warned Harrow that time was short and with only an hour until sunrise, they couldn't risk the wrath of the Dragon King. Only humans can be bribed. He continues that even their families will know their families are deserters. He cuts it and the drops of blood spill into his mortar, releasing a purple smoke. Soren asks "Dad?" He asks where it's gotten him, having spent years going along with such "creative solutions." Take the throne of Katolis.Save humanity by destroying Xadia (both failed). The crowd gasps and Viren states that when a ruler of Katolis dies, they mourn for seven days, but they are at war. Seeing this, he decides that they should just get on with it. He spits it out and it bites High Priest. Despite Sarai's skepticism, Harrow supported it and personally led an expedition into Xadia alongside Viren, Sarai, Amaya, and the Duren queens. Aaravos casts spells, allowing him to blast fiery magic from his staff. After a failed attempt at a secret-unveiling potion, he loses his patience and throws a tantrum, accidentally starting a fire in the process. Harrow lowered his head, asking him what he had done. The man on the other side tells him that he's seen something. Viren enters the king's chambers, closing his eyes against a memory of the clatter that accompanied the battle against the elven forces. It surged through Avizandum and Viren collapsed. He grins at Viren, telling him that it was well-played and she will be a valuable asset. Viren told Harrow he would leave him with his grief. Soren tells him that if he's supposed to come back with the news that they're dead, he doesn't understand what he's supposed to do if he finds them alive. She must recover the dragon egg. He then sets it down and exits the room. She releases it and crushes it, then casts a spell of dark magic, using it to light the four big torches and to burn King Harrow's body. He agrees that he is and Viren hands him several scrolls bearing the king's seal. Viren prostrates even lower as Harrow tells him he is a servant of the kingdom of Katolis. At this, his face breaks into a grin and he chuckles. He asks her if she thinks he hasn't tried that, telling her that he's cast eight different reveal spells with no results. Viren asks for Aanya's decision. He became the High Mage of the human Kingdom of Katolis, and was close friends with its ruler, King Harrow. Just then, a girl enters, Queen Aanya of Duren, apologizing for her lateness. Ezran's last act as king was to insist that those who no longer wish to fight will be allowed to lay down their arms. Viren does the same. He asks why he was not informed that four messages came for him. He is also an expert in persuading others, as he convinced the citizens of Katolis that elves in Xadia were their foes, and later dropping a small hint to Soren and Claudia about one of his does: getting back the Dragon Prince's egg at all costs. He declared the legend to be true and claimed the heart of the titan, radiating with life and magic. The man lowers his hood to reveal he is Prince Kasef. Soren asks if Viren is saying that a child-king would make bad choices. As they struck at the titan, the creature came to life. He rages, knocking over a table and setting the room on fire from a candle. The hunting party escaped with the heart, but at the cost of the lives of Sarai, Annika, and Neha. He asks for them to come forth. Goals He tells him that he will harvest her later, but first, it is time to consume him. Amaya agrees that she was compassionate and patient unless you took the last jelly tart. Viren suggests that there was a misunderstanding. Kasef roars at his side and he chants the dark magic, sending the spell out over the crowd and transforming them all. At some point in Viren's life, he met and married a woman from Del Bar named Lissa. They gather before a statue of Harrow's wife, Sarai. He has performed spells such as briefly stealing the voice of Prince Callum, extinguishing fire, and lighting a candle. A soldier tells him to halt and dismount, disarm and proceed to the meeting point alone. Viren is not the first human to possess this mysterious staff. They rode for days but eventually reached the lair of the Dragon King and Queen, the Storm Spire. He asks him who he is. Viren picks up his staff and a guard bangs on the door, demanding to be let in, by order of the High Council. Though Viren’s relationship with his children wasn‘t perfect, most notably with Soren, whose low intelligence and immaturity exasperate him, and Soren in turn is slightly intimidated by his father. It's unknown what Viren did to the Moonshadow Elves afterward. "Like a see-saw" comments Soren. She tells him that the throne will stay empty until they find the boys. in shock and he rearranges his features, saying that he does not mean to be cruel. "Nothing? MagicSkill in manipulation Harrow asks him what's so important that he would risk his life by coming into his bedroom. He is, however, willing to offer his services. He overrode her objections and she joined him in the battle, choosing to stand by him anyway. Viren had been made the High Mage of Katolis by the time Harrow became king. Aaravos agrees that it is well-appointed, but it has nevertheless been his prison for centuries. In his true form, his skin is pale grey, and his eyes are jet black with dark spots and streaks around them. He narrates how he was not the king's closest adviser at the time and how Harrow's wife Sarai told him that it was a mistake. He tells them that before they embark on this journey, there is one unpleasant matter. Soren is a member of the elite Crownguard of Katolis and former antagonist-turned-hero in The Dragon Prince. He leaves. A bright yellow-orange one flits to his hand and he describes it as an eager volunteer. She asks if he is, in fact, okay and he agrees that he is. His spell only needed one more thing - the undying hatred of one who loved the victim, Harrow's blood. He tells her that she must return with the egg above anything else. He pleaded with Harrow to avenge Sarai. He tells Amaya that her sister made Harrow better. Viren picks up the plate, saying that he's heard about this, that it's a Moonshadow Elf thing to have a philosophy of accepting that one is already dead so that they will not fear death. Viren considers the sword, but instead of drawing it from the table, he drapes the cloth over the mirror. For the majority of the first few seasons of The Dragon Prince, Viren is undoubtedly the main villain, though, in the season one finale, he discovers that a Startouch Elf is locked away inside the mirror that was once kept in the Dragon King's bedroom. Viren is led off to be purified. Before their eyes, "Viren" disappears in a flash of dark magic, revealing nothing but moon moths. As a result of this spell, Viren's appearance, which had had undergone changes from years of dark magic, became hideous. He tells her that it's a very serious situation and while he intends no offense, the issues require an adult perspective. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He tells her that it's not his place to say, but they would have been proud of her. Defeated, humiliated, and dungeon-bound, Viren ultimately decides to complete Aaravos' ritual. He then places the cloth over his stone and uses the pestle to split it in two, revealing the geode inside. He normally wears a grey and black robe, and carries a long, silver staff that has a purple gem embedded in the centre. The elf comments that he has succeeded. His mate was gone and that's why he was willing to spare them. He told Viren that their kingdom was prospering and his boys growing up. Harrow replies that he's not helping and Viren tells him that it doesn't have to be him. His gift will inoculate them, turning the fire into nourishment. Viren stands on the balcony of Katolis Castle at sunset, considering his hands. Viren leaves and accompanies Claudia to where they have the leader of the Moonshadow Elf assassins chained up. She asks why he would say no and Viren tells her that he is principled. He and the spectral Aaravos use magic to knock her back. He's stunned that she would let it fall back into Xadia's hands. King Florian of Del Bar agrees to join so long as they are unanimous. Ahling chuckles at this, noting that she has a fair point. Katolis would be crushed along with the other Human Kingdoms. The elf nods and holds the knife to his hand. Lord Viren (also simply known as Viren) is one of the main antagonists of the hit Netflix series The Dragon Prince. Viren replies that it is humbling for him to be trusted with the boy's education and training, as well as decisions of state. He gestures at the knife before setting it down, then raises his hands. Viren says and she asks if he knows what Soren means by "paying the price." He tells her that they're gone, captured by a Moonshadow Elf and if they're not already dead, they soon will be. Viren tells the "cowards" to leave, that they don't want them anyway. "Right," Aaravos agrees mockingly, asking if this bright future will require them to conquer Xadia. Harrow thought it horrific, but he told him there was no other way. They'll risk as few lives as possible, only Viren's. Viren stops for a bit, but Aaravos, now lounging on a spectral horse, encourages him to continue. The spell revealed the titan, but it was seemingly dead, so he said that they could just open it up and take what they needed. She tells him he will be purified. He roared in agony, but it spread through him, turning him to stone. Harrow says that he already told him the real problem: dark magic. He asks if she needs something and she tells him that she was just making sure he's okay. Harrow orders Viren to send for General Amaya and the Standing Battalion. He warns that the enemy will surge into Katolis if the Breach falls, resulting in death and destruction. Ezran replies that he isn't and he admits that he is indeed not. It is there that Aaravos kills their queen and takes their greatest power, the Sunfire Forge, for themselves. View, comment, download and edit dragon prince Minecraft skins. They all step forward, ready for battle. He turns to the crowd, asking if anyone else shares his concern. Viren comes to Lux Aurea and requests an audience with the queen, Khessa. He rages, asking if she did not listen. The elf tells him that with the mirror, he has found something worse than death. She orders him thrown in a cell, but upon being told that he is the King of Katolis, she orders him instead to be placed in the extra-nice ring of fire. It was a one-sided battle, but with help from Viren, Harrow was able to strike Thunder's heart and turn him to stone. As Viren raised Soren and Claudia, he taught the latter dark magic, and Soren would go on to join the Crownguard. Viren stands, considering himself in a mirror, then places his hand over symbols carved on the mirror's border, seemingly examining them. Out of duty and nobility, King Harrow offered to share Katolis' food supply at the expense that half of Duren's people and half of Katolis' people would starve. Powers/Skills He tells them that he's humbled to stand before them, the greatest fighting force in the history of human-kind. He tells the Crow Master that he is witnessing history. He tells them that though it is a heavy burden, he will take up the battle in Harrow's name, becoming Lord Protector. He continues that if she has to choose, she should choose the egg. He tells her that she would try to stop him if she knew.

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