You realise that social media offers a huge reach and hefty exposure – meaning it could be considered ATL – but that it can also be very highly targeted, so it could be BTL too. Direct mail marketing We all hate Spam, although there is no question that direct mail marketing works well if it is executed properly. A similar example of this that you might have seen before is the Red Bull Mini (shown below). A below the line online magazine developed to inform, remind and educate marketers around the globe. As you can tell from the definitions provided above, TTL campaigns provide a mix of both ATL and BTL elements and therefore the measurement of such campaigns would be made up of both measurement options above. oooh girl, when i be at duh skatin rink, i be taken awf mah shoooz, mah earrangs, mah raaaangs, oooh i be taken awf ERRTHANG tuh buss a mooove. Learn more. © Below The Line Marketing - Think Different. Atl. ATL, BTL and TTL Marketing – Definitions And Examples Quick definitions of ATL, BTL and TTL marketing: ATL Marketing Definition: Above-the-Line Marketing – widespread brand-building advertisingBTL Marketing Definition: Below-the-Line Marketing  – highly targeted direct marketing focused on conversionsTTL Marketing Definition: Through-the-Line Marketing- integrated ATL and BTL marketing campaigns. However, the following points are probably worth bearing in mind when thinking about this in practice: – Keep it digital – printed advertising/TV slots and radio are very expensive, and difficult to measure– Digital methods such as PPC and social media allow national coverage, but in a very targeted way to suit small business needs and budgets– Digital methods are easy to track and measure, meaning less waste and more chance of success– All of your marketing messages should be consistent and clear at every stage (TTL campaigns work because they get the point across well all the way from brand building to conversion). Clearly we are not talking about sponsoring a national football league or team – that would definitely be an ATL activity – although having your logo associated with a local sports team can do wonders to help your business target a particular demographic. It used to be that the following kinds of media would be considered ATL marketing activity: – Television– Radio– Newspaper/magazine ads. Tradeshow/exhibition Staff Tradeshows and exhibitions are a great way to get right in front of your target audience. Door-to-door selling  This was actually how I started my marketing career, although the effectiveness of the practice now is not as great as it once was. Still confused? Below is just a few of the vile so-called definitions endorsed by the site targeting conservative voters: Now, on Christmas Eve, Urban Dictionary puts Christians in the crosshairs. However, if you treat it the same way as I mentioned in the intelligence-based telemarketing section above, door-to-door marketing can still be very profitable. Think about a national TV campaign, where viewers across the nation see the same advert aired across the various networks. Even blind mailings (to a specific geographic location relevant to your business) work, although it’s much better to send mail to people who have already opted in to hear from you. SUPER BOWL LIII : 5 PLAYERS TO KNOW ON THE New England Patriots ' AND RAMS. We’ll discuss that in more detail now, using social media as an example. I guess that they would all be relevant to small businesses, depending on the business, the type of product they have and the target audience they have in mind. You can read more about this in my free 12,000 word guide on modern day telemarketing. English. Meaning of atl.. What does atl. ATL, BTL and TTL Marketing – Definitions And Examples, The Beginner’s Guide To ATL/BTL/TTL Marketing Planning, Business Directory Free Listing (Worldwide). Meaning of atl. Atlanta slang runs the culture. Dooh ya thang, now walk it aaaaaaau. Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Latest News; chip meaning urban dictionary. Someone can be a "stan" of a celebrity, or used as a verb, they can "stan" them. Just make sure that you are allowed to drop leaflets through residences of your target area by law. For years, Atlanta’s slang words have been in movies and TV shows like Donald Glover’s “Atlanta,” and music videos like “Dat Way,” by the Migos. This kind of marketing is best for conversions and direct response. From the Atlanta International Airport's code " ATL ". The numerical value of atl. 1: At The Moment: Used when refering to one's current temporal circumstances. This kind of marketing delivers both a wide reach and a focus on conversions. If so, this can be an excellent advertising medium. ATL is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionary ATL means Atlanta, Georgia. mean? Log In Dictionary. We truly appreciate your support. Examples of ATL, BTL and TTL marketing activity, An Example Of Above The Line Marketing Activity. An Example Of Below The Line Marketing Activity The same cereal company could also run a direct marketing campaign in a large city, targeting commuters on the way to work. in the dictionary. 3) People, who care more about their selfish desires and arrogant views than about the country they live in. new search; suggest new definition; Search for ATL in Online Dictionary Encyclopedia Note: We have 225 other definitions for ATL in our Acronym Attic. TTL Marketing Definition ‘TTL Marketing’ stands for ‘Through The Line Marketing‘. However, I think that generally speaking, social media profiles can be considered ‘Above-the-Line’ because they are set up and published for all to see. The meaning of ATL is: atlanta. Looking for the definition of ATL? In short, I’d say the Through the line method was the most applicable in situations as described above, but hopefully you can see why this would not always be the case. As discussed above, there is no direct response element here, they are only deployed to increase brand awareness and goodwill. English Chinese French German Hindi Italian Portuguese Spanish. PPC ads are the same – even although they use a global platform with incredible reach, they are still specifically aimed at a certain segment of the population (at least they should be anyway). ATL medical abbreviation meaning with flashcards ICD-10 codes. Some Yankee: So I hear you're from Hotlanta. This kind of marketing is the kind of marketing that targets specific groups of people with focus. 0. The terms ATL and BTL were first used in 1954 after Proctor and Gamble began paying advertising firms separately (and at a different rate) from other suppliers who dealt with more direct promotional efforts. Face to Face Marketing will always be one of the best forms of direct marketing. So, as we have discussed above, the traditional separation of the ‘Lines’ goes as follows: – Above the line: ‘brand building’ based advertising solely– Below the line: direct, response driven marketing solely– Through the line: ATL methods designed to feed leads into BTL based campaigns. This is exciting, were out here in ATL for Super Bowl 53 playing against one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, its exciting to be back in Georgia where I went to school. So now there are times when the lines seem blurry and the specific instance doesn’t fit the above criteria very well. What does ATL stand for in Internet Slang, Chat Texting & Subculture ? Here is an overview of the ATL/BTL/TTL marketing meanings as an infographic: Hopefully this post has given you a clear idea of the ATL/BTL/TTL marketing distinctions and also where it can become a bit ‘blurry’. The headline figure is that it returns an average of $43 per $1 invested – a truly staggering ROI, if it’s done correctly. They are usually only set in response to actions made by you which amount to a request for services, such as setting your privacy preferences, logging in or filling in forms. Now that you are up to speed on the definitions, you may be wondering if the ‘Lines’ are becoming a little ‘blurry’ in the modern age – if so, I’d say that’s a valid point to hold. If you don’t believe that, then you don’t know anything about Hip Hop. Learn more. So, in that respect, it’s probably not worth worrying too much about the terms if you already have a fully developed, multi-channel marketing plan in place that helps to increase your overall brand awareness while targeting individual segments/prospects with direct response efforts once you have them in your funnel. By - January 11, 2021. urban definition: belonging or relating to a town or city: . Only 400,000 people live within Atlanta city limits while 4 million people live in the suburbs. Below-the-Line (BTL) Promotional Activities. Related to the above, catalogues work well as a BTL method – people have signed up to look at what you have on offer so the response rate is usually pretty good. Here are some BTL marketing ideas for you to consider: Telemarketing, but not as you know it. dont hate. translation, English dictionary definition of Atl.. abbr. Thesaurus. The Side effects were frightening. The ad would be aired across the nation, with every viewer seeing the exact same message. It’s much, much easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to a new one, so I like this method very much. The term TTL is a relatively recent one, although to be honest I am unsure of exactly when this was first used. For example, if you supply garden maintenance services to residents of a particular area, a well designed leaflet containing an offer might just do the trick. An example of Above The Line marketing would be a television campaign run by a cereal company. Note: We have 225 other definitions for ATL in our Acronym Attic. Definition of atl in the dictionary. The blurring of the ‘Lines’ – the effect of social media on ATL/BTL/TTL marketing activities. They might offer free cereal samples along with vouchers that could be used in a local store. Also, note that because the image contained a 10% offer, it could not be considered ATL as it has a direct response element attached to it – the only options are below-the-line or through-the-line. Therefore, it can be considered ‘through the line’. One caveat is that the audience is not going to be as targeted as it would be at a tradeshow. As you can tell from the definitions provided above, TTL campaigns provide a mix of both ATL and BTL elements and therefore the measurement of such campaigns would be made up of both measurement options above. Information and translations of atl in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Similar to an exhibition, hiring a stand at your local mall or shopping center can place your product or service in front of prospective buyers. I also hope the Top 20 list has given you a useful list of examples you can put to use in your own campaigns. showing only Slang/Internet Slang definitions (show all 70 definitions). The strict TTL option would be if the image was used to promote ‘10% Off’ but was only added to to the page as a normal image so that anyone who ‘likes’ the page could see it (therefore it’s not nearly as targeted). Past customers, people who have requested more information or updates – that’s where you’ll get the best response. Atlanta is a small city. With the colorful expressions found in both hip-hop and the streets of New York, colorful language is inevitable. Find more definitions for ATL on! When most people referance Atlanta they mean to referance metro Atlanta which would include the suburbs. Put simply, social media (in fact, all of the internet technology we are all familiar with nowadays) was not around when the ATL/BTL distinction was developed back in the 1950’s. Atlantic Here is an overview of the ATL/BTL/TTL marketing meanings as an infographic: A successful integrated/TTL marketing campaign gives small businesses the reach and focus on conversions that can mean a very successful overall marketing campaign. This kind of appeal is normally aired nationally, is useful for building brand awareness and of course has the direct response element included. As mentioned above, this kind of marketing would be used to build general brand and awareness of the business and/or it’s products over the long term as well as goodwill. Please look for them carefully. Stan: "Stan" can be a noun for an overzealous and obsessive fan, and a verb meaning to be that kind of fan. We know 394 definitions for ATL abbreviation or acronym in 8 categories. What can be better than arranging a private demo of your product with someone who has expressed their interest in what you offer? Finally, I’d like to mention point of sale promotion. For example, a leaflet drop in a specific area, a Google Adwords campaign targeting a certain group or a direct telemarketing campaign targeting specific businesses. Active Template Library) A set of software routines from Microsoft that provide the basic framework for creating ActiveX and COM objects.

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