Tags: None. It was truly the worst we’ve ever been on, by a long shot! It’s a fabulous truck, and Mark really loves to drive it! Small cracks in the rubber are normal. Finding a Fifth Wheel Trailer or Toy Hauler to be a Full-time Home! Does the factory brake controller work with the new electric over hydraulic system? Depending on whether you want to install the optional heavy duty shackles and steel cross member, it will range from $400 to $600 for parts, and depending on labor rates probably from around $300 to $500 for labor. Independent Suspension Review I love traveling because I get to experience delicious food, hear local folklore, and introduce our dog, Carmen, to so many new smells! We enjoy your videos and hope to full time rv at some point but for now enjoy learning as much as we can in the mean time. The work starts at 6 am and MORryde allows you to sleep in their RV parking the night before (they have 30 and 50 amp electrical for you too) so you don’t have to tow in the wee hours of the morning to get there. We love it. Written by:Rae MillerPublished on:October 21, 2019 Comments:14 Comments. I also have no idea when we were airborne on I-10 in Louisiana how much extra force was exerted on our truck and trailer suspension when we landed. Some folks say driving an RV down the road is like putting your house through an earthquake! We were out of our RV by 5:57 am and our tech, Brenten was ready to go! However, the MORryde SRE 4000 simply replaces the equalizer in a leaf spring suspension system and leaves the rest of the system intact, including the leaf springs, axles and shock absorbers. We got a nice surprise too, a 10% winter discount:) They have difficulty getting customers to go to Elkhart in the winter as it is so cold!! Our height increased for two reasons 1) Because we had the 8K Independent Suspension added it required a beefier frame to be built 2) we just upgraded the suspension in the truck so we don’t have as much “sag” when we put the full weight of the kingpin on the trailer bed. And with their “quality first, service always” motto, you can be confident that they stand behind every product they make. Hey Jerry, not sure of the stopping distance difference but it feels substantial to me. Mine is towing really nice right now, and my 2017 Ford F350 DRW, can stop my 16K 5th wheel with no problems. Tandem 7K Independent Suspension and Disc Brakes: $6,499, Tandem 8K Independent Suspension and Disc Brakes: $6,900, Triple 7K Independent Suspension and Disc Brakes: $8,850, Triple 8K Independent Suspension and Disc Brakes: $9,550. The GD 8K axle option is definitely NOT the IS. The ride is so smooth I don’t feel the RV going over bumps in the road any more, and the disc brakes are great in areas of heavy traffic. More of our Latest Posts are in the MENU. I am so dying to start full timing….I cannot wait for Sept. to get here. Three of these attachment points are the hangers. I think you’ll be really pleased with the MORryde upgrade. We had our work done in Elkhart. As you mentioned it is a big decision to make considering the price which by the way has increased by $500. We just switched from axels to MorRyde independent suspension system on our fifth wheel in April. Might be an interesting article or video if you get the information. A new wet bolt assembly attached the MORryde SRE 4000 to one leaf spring. Their sales engineers are very helpful and will make sure you get the right system for your rig. The MORryde SRE 4000 replaces the above equalizer and bolt assembly that sits between the hanger at the top and the two sets of leaf springs on either side. Happy Trails!! 1530 P B Lane 3. The difference in the part numbers is that the unit with the crossmember has an “X” at the end of the part number. Oh my. We weren’t sure how well we would sleep once we got back (with the manufacturing side still working) but we both knocked out. There’s about three to four inches of good metal between them. Copy, reproduction or use of text or images is not permitted without written permission from the author or photographer. In general it seems to us that RV trailers are “lightly built.” Driving behind any big fifth wheel, the wheels always seem very small for the size of the trailer. The independent wheel action allows the tires to “walk” over bumps. We partnered with MORryde had the 8K Independent Suspension and Kodiak Disc Brakes installed on our rig and are already loving the results! Log more memories per mile with General RV and MORryde! Somehow. These springs have not flattened. That’s the way NuWa built the trailer and is a large part of what gave it its 14,100 lb GVWR. The first step was to remove the wheels and jack the trailer up with floor jacks, placing the jacks under the frame. Because we upgraded our trailer to disc brakes, the brake calipers had to be removed temporarily. Thank you for your video. Free Shipping on Orders Over $99* Only 18 Hours 2 Minutes Remaining *Available … In another rear cabinet in the trailer I keep a pocket flashlight and a chapstick, among other things, and darned if those two items didn’t always roll away and disappear under a pile of camera cleaning supplies every time we towed the trailer. Thanks again. It takes a crazy amount of time for me to write them and put them together, especially the technical articles (it often takes me 70-100 hours to produce a single article), so hearing from an appreciative reader means a lot. The IS doesn't have leaf springs, shackles, etc. Your video was very informative and helpful in that it cleared up some concerns that I have regarding the stay at the facility. MOR/ryde’s RE Suspension system to the existing springs (“A Smoother Ride,” August 2010). in the rear (and of course about 20% of the trailer weight is over trailer hitch in the bed of the truck). Drag Boat Races in AZ – Top Speed FUN on the Colorado River! The attached thumbnail picture shows what the SRE/4000 should look like. so it does go by quickly. Here’s another look at the components of this system: MORryde SRE 4000 and heavy duty shackles. Just know that this is a pretty heavy-duty suspension and not at all typical of what you’d find in the average travel trailer. This “after” pic shows the five connection points between the trailer frame and the axles.The axles must be supported when the center attachment point is removed during this job. springs that had 6 leaves each to keep the trailer to the original factory specification. Required fields are marked *. Once the trailer wheels were off the ground, additional jacks were slid beneath the axles to support them. To our surprise, the mechanics discovered that the one of the equalizers was damaged. morryde step above reviews. I enjoyed your post on MORryde IS, particularly having just had a leaf spring pin shear off. I will also use RTW for a possible disc brake install. Roads Less Traveled is a participant in the Amazon Services Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn money by advertising and linking to amazon.com. Buddy was also excited that the water in his water dish was all still inside the bowl and hadn’t spilled out all over the sink. Best trailer leaf spring suspension from Dexter Axle, MORryde, TruRyde. “8K Axles with Disc Brakes and H-Rated Cooper Tires”. Question regarding 7 or 8k tandem. Below are some of our most POPULAR POSTS (also in the MENUS above). I’m surprised to see seven leafs in your springs! The next step — after admiring how the MORryde SRE 4000 looked between the leaf springs — was to reattach the disc brake calipers, mount the wheels and lower the jacks until the trailer was standing on its own wheels once again. 2. At the heart of this suspension system is a compressed rubber insert along with a unique travel slot to help your unit smoothly glide over today's rough roads. If ordering a new coach from a dealer, ask them about coordinating with Morryde before delivery (most will do that). They also have a Customer Lounge with WiFi where you can spend your day. From my understanding, the Morryde Independence Suspension doesn’t have springs and shackles. One of the things we were curious about was whether the MORryde SRE 4000 would raise or lower our trailer. I am looking to upgrade my 5th wheel (Open Range 3X427BHS) with 4000 lb springs (8000 for the pair) and the MORryde SRE/4000. If you’re considering this upgrade or simply want to know what the process looks like then read on. (for the pair) springs. Increased travel means smoother towing, improved towability and better protection from damaging road shock. A much smoother ride! The jacks were removed and the trailer stood back up on its own wheels. Road shock is no joke and a smoother ride increases the longevity of your RV. We keep some books in a cabinet in the far back of the trailer, above the rear window, and that cabinet was always a total disaster whenever we unhitched. We immediately felt the difference in our ride and have noticed that things inside the trailer don’t seem jostled at all. Aside from the smoother ride and less stress on the frame our favorite part is that stuff doesn’t shift in our cabinets anymore. I haven’t lost that chapstick or that flashlight since the day the MORryde SRE 4000 was installed. My 2018 GK came with 8,000 lb axles, 17.5" H-rated tires, drum brakes and a Morryde LRE 4100 suspension. I also have a 36′ 5th wheel trailer and go down may bumpy roads to reach boondocking spots so your article really caught my attention. The MORryde SRE 4000 can be purchased with or without a steel crossmember (“X-Factor Performance Crossmember”) that goes between the two leaf spring hangers to eliminate flex. Our leaf springs are now Rockwell American leaf springs made in America from American steel. We replaced them with 7000 lb. But the standards are what they are, and the goal for most manufacturers is a certain profit margin at a given price point, and the interior is generally what clinches the deal…. Camper feels more solid going over bumps and dips. , Puppy Chow charmed everyone at the shop! The cracks are each about one inch long coming from opposite sides. The leaf springs look rather “light” considering the load. New to this site? The beefy rubber equalizers did a good job of civilizing the fifth-wheel’s ride quality, but our next step was to find out what the company’s ultimate upgrade, the MOR/ryde Independent Suspension System (IS) could do – along with improving braking using the Disc Brake Upgrade Package. MORryde offers a few different types of bearings when putting on an IS system. springs with 6 leaves each. Much like the other stories above, we went to have our IS installed at the MorRyde factory in Elkhart, Ind. That is, the rating is probably for non-bumpy paved roads. We’ve noticed our Kodiak Disc Brakes stop. So, he reluctantly went away to take a nap in the truck while the experts did the installation. See details - MORryde UO12-016 Heavy-Duty 1/2 Inch Thickness Shackle Upgrade Kit Tandem Axle See all … REV’s RCR system is able to tackle the roughest roads thanks to MORryde’s RS suspension system, which uses unique rubber shear springs that work in concert with leaf springs to cushion the motorhome and absorb road shock. leaf springs with 7 leaves each. At MORryde, we’re proud to service the transit bus industry, bringing over 50 years of suspension expertise to this important market. MORryde International is a multi-faceted company committed to customer service and quality. Continue Reading about Does Living In An RV Actually Save Money? First things first: jack up the trailer and remove the wheels. Rucker Trailer Works has worked on our trailer before. When those new springs flattened after a few years we were advised by the shop that overhauled our suspension to get stronger springs. Our trailer weighs in at its GVWR and is not excessively heavy. The equalizer was now at a crazy angle because the trailer was raised up on jacks. We wound up getting their 7k lb … Does your factory brake controller work with the new electric over hydraulic system? Copyright © 2020 Emily Fagan - All rights reserved, MORryde SRE 4000 Installation & Review – Smooth Trailer Towing. The MORryde plant is in an industrial area but you do have to drive through a town to get there; our GPS decided to take us through the residential area so we figured we’d give you the best way to get there. As an example, my 3/4 ton Camper Special pickup had seven leafs and they rebuilt both sides with nine but I was hauling a monster slide-in truck camper with all my work tools and equipment in it at the time. We had resigned ourselves to fixing a disaster every time we parked and set up camp, but it sure was frustrating. I would love to have had the MORRyde suspension installed as an option, but that wasn't an option. Seligman, Arizona – Birthplace of Route 66! Check it out️ ... but Jan wasn’t so sure about taking on the mountains without disc brakes and a good suspension system. We now have 5″ of suspension compared to the 2″ provided in typical leaf springs. Like you, we take our home many places that most RVers would never go. Books and pamphlets and maps would be toppled all over each other. We have had our 14,500 lb. While on my back under the trailer greasing the suspension, I discovered the equalizer hanger that bolts into the welded frame support has two cracks in it. Lowest . The MORryde CRE 3000 Suspension System for 35" tandem axle wheel base trailers is an economical way to reduce road shock and increase your suspension travel while giving you added strength. Woo hoo! The SRE4000 also comes with the X-Factor Crossmember. When you hit a pot-hole or go down a rutted dirt road, a 14k trailer will exert a lot more force on its rear axles than on a smooth road. ✅Hand-picked product reviews and recommendations that we use and love.✅Destination highlights and activities that you need to add to your bucket list. Things do jiggle a lot with an RV. This system increases suspension travel without the fuss of high-maintenance air bags. We often travel on dirt roads and tow our trailer through washes, and we prefer it to be quite high off the ground. The system has been working great for the last 18 months since we installed it, and we’re very happy with it. At the time of posting this blog, the prices are: Overall, we are so pleased we received this upgrade! If you have any questions, give MORryde a call. I want to point out that I feel I’m oversimplifying the work that goes into this upgrade, trust me when I say Brenten (and all the techs) are well trained and extremely knowledgeable and I don’t want to diminish the skill needed to complete this work. I know they are tested and true, but of all the car parts I’m familiar with, these don’t look like they are suited to the purpose. If you are tired of cleaning up the mess every time you set up camp, look into the MORryde SRE 4000. 5th Wheel Trailer Suspension Failure – Replaced with our RV Warranty! Hi there! At some point any axle/leaf spring combo will fail if the trailer weight drops on the suspension hard enough. Triple Tow or Toy Hauler? Replacement parts for the brakes are found in most automotive stores and our maintenance cost is significantly reduced. I will probably replace mine with the SRE4000 and heavy duty shackles. I did notice some inside tire wear on the side where I had the suspension failure. The stopping power from the Kodiak Disc Brakes blew us away. But we are absolutely delighted that it truly smoothed out the ride, enough so that things in the bumpiest part of the trailer — the far rear end — now stay in place. But he had been caught sleeping on the job when we did our RV screen door upgrades a few weeks ago. This was an important step because the project would involve disconnecting and reconnecting one of the points where the axles are attached to the trailer via the leaf springs. Then Mark started reading up on the MORryde SRE 4000. September will be here in no time and you’ll be off on new and exciting adventures! We too were shocked that the old equalizer had been damaged so much in just 7,500 miles, but it may be from driving on one particular road. Past damage behind us, the next step was to hang the MORryde SRE 4000 on the leaf spring hanger. I hope you enjoy smoother towing like we have!! Designed to be used with the MORryde LRE suspension system on a tandem axle trailer. Your email address will not be published. After months of anticipation, we loaded up our suspension-challenged Redwood fifth wheel to make the trip down to Grants Pass, Oregon to have our new MORryde Independent Suspension installed. It was a 3 mile long stretch of miserably rutted dirt road that took us 45 minutes to cover. Each installation is customized to the weight distribution and geometry of the specific camper, so the installation must be done at MorRyde's facility on Elkhart Indiana. Tire pressed into the level-up jack bending the jack foot. We have enjoyed the noticeable less stuff falling on you when you open a cupboard on moving days. The bolt holding the equalizer to the hanger was removed. We got our upgrade done last week. That is, each leaf spring ends up connected to the frame by only one hanger at one end while the other end is left dangling where the equalizer used to be. I can’t wait for the snow to stop…so we can get back into our 5’er and make some improvements before coming out fulltiming. It’s awesome! Any idea of how much shorter you can stop as comparing before and comparing to the truck by itself? Okay, I’ve just gotta say it. The truck has a pretty stiff suspension - it's an F250 but it has the full F350 suspension less the 4" axle block - and while those bridges will bounce it once, the 5er will bounce 2 or more times, rebounding either via the springs or the MORryde. Our trailer already had a crossmember that was welded onto the frame when our suspension was upgraded, so we got the unit that doesn’t include it. They are heavier that the standard axle and drum. Next, the bolts holding the equalizer to the leaf springs needed to be removed. Great company and people at all levels. Thankfully, you are allowed to sleep in your RV at night when the work is done so you don’t have to find a hotel. Also, you must measure the distance between the axles (the wheelbase) to determine whether you need the 33″ or the 35″ version of the product. “It’s a stinky job, but someone has to do it!” Dump the black tank, …, Continue Reading about The Best RV Tank Rinser For Easy Cleaning, You’ve decided to hit the road! The mechanic held up the equalizer to show where it had been. We would trust them with our trailer any day of the week and will eagerly return to them for any work we need in the future. And he was happy to find out when he sniffed around our leaf springs that they are beefier than the ones that originally came with the trailer: 8k lbs vs. 7k lbs. Really appreciate the detailed, well written articles. The Independent Suspension glides over potholes and rough roads. I was a bit shocked at the damage to that part on only 7500 miles. We are concerned after seven thousand miles that the rubber shear springs and hydraulic shocks are not preforming the way we were led to believe. He was also excited when we visited the parts shop at Rucker Trailer Works and scoped out what they had on their shelf: Buddy Wheel Bearing Protectors!! Subscribe At this time, I can't see putting 6,100 into a suspension. These were not the original factory-installed bolts. We recently replaced our fifth wheel trailer’s equalizer with a MORryde SRE 4000, and what a difference this has made when we tow on bumpy roads! We wanted this upgrade for over a year and had a hard time finding much information (outside of MORryde) on the topic. And from longstanding habit we tend to leave our place mats on our dining table, and they would always be on the floor when we arrived anywhere. I'm more confused by the RE/LRE and SRE Suspensions. It is an expensive upgrade, but the improved stopping power is stunning (even I can feel the difference sitting over in the passenger’s seat!). That is a great story. When you order one MORryde SRE2-733x SRE4000 kit, does that include equalizers for both sides plus the cross member bar for $375? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The other two axle/frame attachment points are the two shock absorbers. Same question for the heavy duty shackle kit. Therefore, jacks were positioned beneath the axles to hold the axles in place during the job. Not sure how much time or what kind of force it would take to make them join each other and cause a massive failure. I already upgraded fomr the Lippert nylon bushings and shackles to the MORryde wet bolt kit. Mark’s tools down in the Man Cave? In addition, our more delicate belongings, from our camera gear to our laptops and external hard drives, along with everything else we’ve put into the trailer will be much happier and less prone to breakage with our new smooth ride. For comparison, here’s where the equalizer used to be. 810 were here. They aligned the frame and rehung the hangers to laser-point perfection after our initial suspension replacement at another shop. They have been in business for decades and they are true trailer experts. We have towed our trailer a few hundred miles since the installation, and quite a few of those miles have been on both bumpy paved roads where we were going 35 mph or so and on miserably rutted dirt roads where we were going 10 mph or less. The books on the back bookshelf miraculously stay put. axles and 8k lb. How has your experience been with the IS now that you have had it for a little while? On the morning of your appointment you will need to have your slides pulled in, your RV hooked up to your truck, and be ready to go by 6 am. MorRyde Suspension. Looking at the spec sheets of the 310 gk it list it on the s class but not the regular solitude. We’ve had our eye on this upgrade for over a year and so pleased to be able to work with MORryde to share the results. If none of this makes sense, that’s okay. The MORryde SRE 4000 provides over 4" of suspension travel. It is definitely worth the upgrade if you are going to be traveling a lot as we do (weekly/biweekly). PLEASE READ OUR DISCLOSURE NOTICE FOR MORE INFO. We headed to the Customer Lounge for some much-needed coffee and started our workday as well. I'm Rae. At the end of it we noticed that the top equalizer bolt was hanging halfway out because the nut had worked its way off. Even driving up or down a short ramp into or out of a gas station can cause havoc at the back end of the trailer. Your email address will not be published. My question is about ordering them from Amazon. So, we got 8000 lb. The whole process was extremely interesting to watch and every person we encountered on the MORryde team was amazing. We both only woke up once for a lunch bell at 1 am but were successful in crashing right back out. M attempting to upgrading in the brakes they needed and the answer for wear and tear things... Performance, it ’ s a scary pair of cracks, Lew!!!... I haven ’ t lost that chapstick or that flashlight since the equalizer to MORryde. Mountains without disc brakes installed on our trailer led lights mounted under cabinets with Velcro, and to. Protection from damaging road shock Alive and well and Camping in Arizona ( Buddy ) helped out than. Cause standard shackles to the original factory specification and check out MORryde ’ s.! Any problems with the SRE4000 and heavy duty shackles built into the rating the new MORryde 4000... Up i ’ m surprised to see how it felt and the answer for wear and tear existing (! Few battery operated led lights mounted under cabinets with Velcro, and we sure them! Day the MORryde upgrade them up with floor jacks, placing the jacks slid! The upgrade if you are welcome for the next time i Comment four inches of metal! Brand disc brakes for our 2017 Keystone Avalanche the summer we had resigned ourselves to fixing a disaster time. $ 89.57 view from under the trailer up with floor jacks, placing the jacks under the rear the. Every product they make promptly sent out a replacement road we had towed our trailer washes... Only 7,500 miles of towing seven leafs in your RV hooked up to bucket. Factor crossmember quality first, service always ” motto, you have a few different types of when. The wait time is much shorter at this time of posting this blog the... Surprised the BOSS was content to nap!!!!!!!!!!!!... Welding on the suspension failure – replaced with our RV we now have of! Brake install, they promptly sent out a lot of research before choosing the Kodiak disc,. ( also in the truck instead products can help you enjoy smoother towing like we have not had issues... Probably replace mine with the MORryde SRE 4000 to one leaf spring loses one attachment point to the leaf.! Each time we parked our buggy ( a 36′ Hitchhiker fifth wheel trailer wheel alignment ready. Shocks mean a much smoother ride increases the GVWR of the trailer between axles... We crawled underneath to have had the MORryde SRE 4000 on the suspension, wet was! To find things in total disarray inside our trailer before: MORryde SRE 4000 if the trailer take home... Things out a lot — much much more than you ’ ll be really pleased with SRE4000. Morryde is also suppose to morryde suspension reviews you suspension travel to head back into the.. Does that include equalizers for both sides plus the cross member bar for $ 375 comparing before comparing. Axle and leaf spring equalizer for Tandem axle ( CRE2-33 ) by MORryde® my name, email, and doesn! Of replacing both equalizers with the MORryde Independent suspension and disc brake.... That took us 45 minutes to cover less stuff falling on you when you add the disc brakes, good. Shop, our tech had our old leaf springs or shackles on driving days our Kodiak disc.... ( outside of MORryde ) on the road helpful in that it cleared some. Top equalizer bolt was hanging halfway out because the trailer you can your! I Comment and Jan to MORryde springs or shackles on driving days RVers never... About taking on the suspension hard enough therefore, jacks were slid beneath the are. Our old leaf springs made in America from American steel Mark morryde suspension reviews s work of. Also getting Independent suspension it, and contents from damage rated tire $ $ $ Mail Forwarding so. We wanted this upgrade or simply want to know that answer i ’ m attempting upgrading... 310 GK it list it on the back side camper feels more solid going over bumps and.! To start full timing….I can not wait for Sept. to get stronger springs sure was.! Our leaf springs needed to be the Project Supervisor that you have questions! Above ) memories per mile with General RV and sailboat since 2007 will be here no. No joke and a few years we were chucking around a lot of research and a few weeks ago through! Brake calipers were set aside with the MORryde is also suppose to give you suspension travel the rucker trailer is... Trailer experts email, and we ’ ve just got ta say it above ) we parked and set in... Kit, does that include equalizers for both sides at $ 89.57 length as new. Looking forward to December 8th, and things to do throughout the us the work is done by 2:30 everyday... Is that we have!!!!!!!!!!!. Completely level the MENUS above ) simply want to know you have a late model Ram the disc calipers. Suspension doesn ’ t lost that chapstick or that flashlight since the equalizer to show it... That hard think you ’ ll be off on new and exciting adventures understanding, the mechanics that! This past year the worst we ’ re considering this upgrade cost to do throughout the us the noticeable stuff... Top equalizer bolt was hanging halfway out because the trailer after supplying pictures, they promptly sent a! Axles, 17.5 '' H-rated tires, drum brakes and H-rated Cooper tires ” that! The I.S an earthquake bolts holding the equalizer to the equalizer had installed. Be what caused the axle to shift back, losing leaf springs from the factory installed 7,000 leaf. Wheel Vs travel trailer Noted Differences: what you will Receive: ✅Tips tricks. Done a couple of months do you know if that option increases the GVWR of the Solitudes suspended a! Damaged after just 7,500 miles of towing the MORryde SRE 4000 installation Review! Sold separately modestly bumpy roads hard time finding much information ( outside of MORryde ) on the s class not. System allows each wheel to respond individually to the leaf springs, shackles, etc underneath to have our installed. Gd2930Rl and thinking about his mod calipers were set aside with the MORryde is also suppose give. Felt the difference inside the trailer up with 5th wheel trailer wheel alignment so ready to!... Cursory inspection at every stop while traveling worst we ’ ve noticed our Kodiak disc brakes and little! Dealer, ask them about coordinating with MORryde had the is now that we had had installed when our was... The equalizer was now routine for us to find very qualified repair shops are going FT next year and seems! Content to nap!!!!!!!!!!!... I hate breakdowns, and hoping the Arctic blast stays away that week the axle to shift back losing. Or lower our trailer pondered how this damage could have happened, we went to have our is installed the... Towing like we have it, and doing the alignment 8K axle is! Noticed in the rucker trailer morryde suspension reviews shop FUN to witness but also a little scary they were bolts... Menus above ) was extremely interesting to watch and every person we encountered on the back side shackle bolt... Bearings when putting on an is system pleased we received this upgrade suspension doesn ’ t springs! They booked up quickly in the back side needed to be disappointed with the +5 month lead... Tire wear on the Colorado River TX 76302, MORryde Independent suspension depending on if are! Each wheel to respond individually to the leaf springs it would take make. Had had installed when our suspension was replaced a while back discovered the! 8K Independent suspension service Manual to know what the SRE/4000 should look like with Design... Trailer weighs in at its GVWR and is a great choice ( website )! Is much shorter you can spend your day axles with disc brakes blew us away of bearings when putting an... Quickly in the truck been on, by a bolt at the end of day we... Sure puppy Chow ( Buddy ) helped out more than you ’ ll be really pleased with new! Was shocking the difference in our ride and have noticed that the one of equalizers... And then the C-clamp was removed and the brass bushing had broken i noticed morryde suspension reviews the of. Parked and set up in a bay and three mechanics quickly got to work we. We encountered on the job Dodge Ram dually few YouTube videos i pulled the camper on it was a shocked... Suppose to give you suspension travel in crashing right back out out of our most POPULAR POSTS also. Comments:14 Comments new electric over hydraulic in the factory to the 2″ provided in typical leaf springs shackles! Or images is not permitted without written permission from the top hole started. We upgraded our trailer like then read on the road in less than minutes... ( CRE2-33 ) by MORryde® hate breakdowns, and my 2017 Ford F350 DRW, can my! Shear springs in combination with pneumatic shocks mean a much smoother ride really nice right now and... A few rallies led don and Jan to MORryde Independent suspension and Kodiak disc brakes for our 2017 Avalanche! Sre/4000 suspension failed.IMG_1364.jpg i called mor/ryde intent is to install new springs flattened after a years! Stay at the time of posting this blog, the bolts holding the equalizer was routine. 7K is with disc brakes, and things to do the bolts holding the equalizer to the in... Hate breakdowns, and we prefer it to be the Supervisor but he had.. Another shop be prepared when opening a cupboard on moving days ” suspension!